Mid Century Guzzini Picnic Ball

Manufacturer:     Guzzini per Alimenti

Designer:         Helen Panton Kartell

Description:      Iconic vintage Guzzini picnic ball made of sturdy plastic. Ingenious
                  spherical space age design which disassembles into two large bowls for
                  salad, ice, punch etc. Contains everything you need for a great picnic
                  party: 6 soup bowls, 6 large dinner plates, 6 six smaller plates, drinks
                  tray, six drinking glasses, salt and pepper and even oil and vinegar

Country of

Date:             1970's

Marks:            Various original labels and company logo and "Guzzini per Alimenti"
                  "Made in Italy"

Condition:        Good age-related condition. Very little, if at all used. Some
                  discoloration of one of the bowls due to light exposure (see images)

Size:             ball size 23.5cm high, 23,3cm across (9.25 x 9.17")

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