Lobmeyr Art Nouveau piece


Manufacturer:  J.& L. Lobmeyr, Vienna

Designer:      Gustav Schneider

Description:   A superbly crafted Lobmeyr crystal glass piece by Gustav Schneider. Delicately
               engraved with fish, seahorse, shells and acquatic plants and pebbles. 

Country of     
Manufacture:   Austria

Date:          around 1901

Marks:         Engraved Lobmeyr logo underneath base

Condition:     perfect

Size:          9,5cm wide x 6,4cm high x 3,3cm deep (3.74 x 2.52 x 1.3")

Other infor-
The outstanding quality of the engraving gives the  scene on this lovely piece an almost  
               life like charcter.
               Bibliography: Waltraud Neuwirth "Glas des Jugendstils" p. 206-207

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Price:         USD 545                        Currency converter

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