Meissen porcelain barn owls, 1905-1923, Paul Walther

Manufacturer:  Meissen

Designer:      Paul Walther

Description:   Exceptional polychrome ceramic animal sculpture of three barn owls a on high pedestal
               in the form of a white rock. Designed in 1905 by Paul Walther.

Country of 
Manufacture:   Germany

Date:          Meissen sword mark and date of design dates this between 1905-1923.

Marks:         Underglaze Meissen sword mark 1815-1923, model number W 143 and painter's initials.

Condition:     Perfect, no chips, cracks or restoration.

Size:          16cms high (6.3")

Other infor-   Early version of this gorgeous Meissen animal sculpture.

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Price:         EUR 950                       Currency converter