Kaza Porcelain Perfume Burner (Brûle Parfum/Veilleuse) 

Designer:      Kaza

Description:   Art Deco perfume burner / night light(Veilleuse). Handpainted over the glaze.
               Half-moon lid for receptacle perfume and  removable, hollow plinth.
               Newly wired with original brass lamp holder for 15W bulb,
               as used in contemporary sewing machines. With original brass lamp holder.

Country of

Date:          1920's

Marks:         Signed underneath “France” and “Kaza” on the side.

Condition:     Perfect

Size:          13.5 high, 11cm deep and wide (5.3”x4.3"x4.3")

Other infor-   guaranteed original piece with underglaze mark (not one of the many poor 
Chinese reproductions.)   

Shipment:    👉We use professional packing and shipment, fully insured against loss and breakages. 

Price:         USD 250                       Currency converter

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